An interview with An Autumn For Crippled Children 2010

Bleak and oppressive, An Autumn For Crippled Children create something altogether aurally malignant and ominous. Their debut album ‘Lost’ has received much critical acclaim and interest from the fans and critics alike with it’s harsh approach and enveloping atmospheres. Lily Randall spent one round with them and survived to tell us this…

Your debut ‘Lost’ was a stunning record. How did you go about creating this album?

Thank you! Somewhere 2008 we decided to do this band together. We agreed to do music we all like the most, which is old school doom/death metal and early black metal from the nineties. During that year and the following we wrote and recorded lost over a period of a few months.

Being from the Netherlands, is their much of scene for doom and black metal?

I guess so, there are some bands. But i’m really not that much into the dutch scene. Most things I hear are rather boring and uninspiring.

Who were your musical influences then?

Stuff like early Anathema, My Dying Bride and Cathedral. Also early Satyricon, Immortal and Emperor.

What inspires your anguish-fuelled lyrics?

All our lyrics, until now, are personal and real experiences. No fantasy crap. To create some distance they are a little abstract. Mostly negative things have fuelled this set of lyrics.

You’ve all played in other bands previously. Who were they and what brought you guys together?

We do not want our projects/bands to interfere with each other. I like our music to be judged on the basis of the music only and not by our previous/future music/bands. We’ve all known each other for a while now. We just hanged out together and decided to do this band.

When will us Brits get to witness AAFCC live?

Maybe in the future, for now we are way to busy with work and families to get together for a tour.

What should fans expect from your live show?

The shows until now have been very sober. But we are trying to get some guy to make some visuals for future endeavours. That should be nice.

The festival circuit seems very death metal-orientated, but are you heading to any this summer?

Nothing planned there. We’ve got a nice local festival (Waldrock) but it was cancelled this year. I do plan to play a festival with a personal project somewhere in Europe this year.

‘Lost’ was full of blends and influences of different genres. Do you think you’ll go down a specific route in the future?

I think we’ll try to better our songwriting. Focussing on songwriting even more.

Interview by Lily Randall

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