Nile/ Melechesh @ Islington Academy, London

There is a lot of speculation as the queue outside the Islington queries the signs outside explaining that three of the five bands will not be playing tonight and whether or not this will affect the timings. Unfortunately opening acts Darkrise, Zonaria and Dew-Scented are stuck on the road, however timings still go as planned meaning that many hopeful fans do not getting the lengthened sets they wished for.

Despite a lack of warming up, Melechesh do a fine job at riling the crowds with their blackened death infused with grooves. Showing middle-eastern folky influences, the band’s riff filled tracks get everyone into a rhythmic trance. The band look thrilled to be on stage as they whip up a sandstorm of a set list, including many favourites of latest offering, ‘The Epigenesis’. This may be their UK debut but Melechesh’s mix’n’match sound is already welcomed for another visit soon.

By now the venue is understandably rammed, as US death legends Nile enter the spotlight. Their brutal chug-athon goes somewhat hand-in-hand with the acoustics of the venue, causing a crushing hour plus of the Egyptian-style gods. Many fans are likely to feel a bit put out by the lack of old school Nile offerings tonight, as album ‘Those Whom The Gods Detest’ is definitely favoured on the set-list. Nevertheless, the pit is enticed into a frenzy and favourites including ‘Ityphilliac’ are worshipped like Ra himself. With 18 years under their belt it’s apparent that the foursome have not lost their talent and despite touring for, well, ever, smiles are still stretched across their faces, and a Gary Moore tribute as an encore shows they still enjoy it to this day.

Review by Lily Randall
Photography by Daniel Gray

Published on Click here for images


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