At the gates burst through the doors of annihilation with an awesome deathly performance, with Exodus previously causing the biggest pit of the festival thanks to classic “The Toxic Waltz” where some thrashers took the lyrics as literal as possible, crawling round the dust. As the festival draws to a close and we wipe away a tear at the thought of reality back home, Morbid Angel show the haters that deep down they still have their death royalty despite a short tumbleweed moment due to ‘Illud’ tracks. ‘Where the slime live’ and ‘Chapel of Ghouls’ sound as crisp as they did when the disgusting death metal spawn was first created leaving many with broken necks…and minds. Over on the Sophie stage Criminal, quite possibly one of the most under-exposed thrash attacks, collect many new followers and the intelligent ones who had alresdy found these hidden gems took advantage of the old school Sepultura similarities. Now to go and get hammered for the last time this weekend. Where’s the rum?


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