Ironic as it is, black metallers 1349 bring the sunshine this afternoon with a relatively tight set. Despite Alan losing his voice only fifteen minutes in, primordial’s loyal elite chant back epically to save the remains of the show. Although they have been simmering under the surfaces, heavy metal Brits Hell are newbies to the festival, however their theatrics gather quite an audience. Lead singer Dave (?) Seems stoked; “we weren’t expecting it at all to be honest” he beams. “It must’ve been the lucky pants”, he explains as he gives us a cheeky flash of some Spongebob boxers. After being blown away by the grinding brutality of veterans Napalm Death, we found a much calmer Barney, after his traditional fits on stage. “We were pretty worried about playing here as the line up’s pretty heavy metal, but we seemed to go down well. There were nonplussed faces at some points though but we just do ehat Napalm Death do best”. Indeed you do Barney, indeed you do.


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