Inferion – ‘The Desolate’ [6]

When one thinks of USBM, it’s very unlikely Inferion spring to mind, however the Floridian black metallers have been lingering under the surface for over fifteen years. Second full-length ‘The Desolate’ does, to some extent, make you wonder why you hadn’t heard of these guys before. Admittedly, though, there’s a certain spark of sadness missing from this atmospheric piece.

For a duo, the talent is very much apparent, with Thor in charge of the drums, vocals and guitars, which definitely help this album stand out in the black metal scene. Each track encases riffs of pure sorrow, some packing more angst than others but with each providing a measure of diversity throughout. The drums are pretty straightforward and the speed never reaches anything too insane. The production is raw, but whether this adds any grim factors or not is questionable, as at times it feels the guitar is all that is pushing the album along, step by woeful step.

If emotion is what you look for, then Inferion certainly supply it especially when you realise Thor recorded some parts whilst serving in Iraq, the heartache and trouble a driving force, without it getting sappy. The album seems to grow as it goes on, with tracks like ‘Purest Evil’ being more aurally attention-grabbing, and as far as choosing album titles go, ‘The Desolate’ couldn’t be more apt for such bleak and isolated music, which of course for black metal is a good thing.

Reviewed by Lily Randall
The Desolate is out now from

You’ll like this if… negativity is positive in your eyes.

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