Aborted – ‘Global Flatline’ [7]

Do you remember back in the days when you’d finally found a cool place to hang out and drink, but then some shitty little kids would come along and ruin it? Well in the death metal scene, something akin to this seems to have happened, as irritating ‘-core’ bands crash the party in their droves and get everyone in a muddle about what’s what.

Not such new kinds on the block, Belgians Aborted have long dealt in a brutal sound that, with the awaited release of ‘Global Flatline,’ has evidently lost none of its classic edge in recent years. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a decent brutal death metal band, or indeed any straight-up death. But, as a savage exception to the norm, ‘Global Flatline’ does more than enough to get itself noticed. Yes, it’s brutal, full of obliterating blastbeats and the obligatory horror film sound-bites (Hellraiser to be precise) but the most remarkable part of this album is the melodies. We’re not talking tacky synths or swirling beatdowns either. Its beautiful yet blistering melodies help break the tracks up and showcase Aborted’s musical massacre.
‘Expurgation Euphoria’ is a prime standout, whilst well-chosen first single ‘Origin Of Disease’ is bound to attract the death dwellers. In a concluding move mirroring that of upcoming tour buddies Decapitated and other such genre heavyweights, Aborted decide to wrap up the album with a calmer angle. Rich in technicality, grand finale ‘Endstille’ positively bursts with soaring solos. If this is the new trend, it’s the perfect way to let this sadistic album sink in.

Reviewed by Lily Randall
Global Flatline is out now on
Century Media

You’ll like this if… you loved Decapitated’s latest full-length.

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