Origin/Psycroptic/Leng T’Che @ Camden Underworld

If you came to this gig tonight expecting to stand there with arms folded and an expressionless face, think again. This death metal line-up bursting with brutality and smeared in technicality is destined to cause your jaw to drop. Bloodshot Dawnstart to coax fans off the Camden pavements and into the venue, ready to warm up with their progressive death metal. And with their self-titled debut catching praise this year, these Brits are sure to have tongues wagging this year.

Unlike their fellow grindsters Napalm Death and Carcass, Leng Tch’e aren’t very established despite their ten years under the radar. But if tonight is anything to go by, you won’t ignore this Dutch quartet again. In a decade the band has evolved in every sense, but it would appear they have found their strongest team – their grindcore distinctly marked with a slight groove infusion that works perfectly in this small proximity. Enthusiastic frontman Serge drags members of the audience on-stage and forces a microphone to their face, causing a hilariously bizarre grind karaoke.

Psycroptic may enter the stage in a calmer manner but their music is far from it. The Tazmanian devils roar through a set likely to boggle brains the size of Einstein’s. Their technical death metal sounds as crazy as ever on latest record ‘The Inherited Repression’, and it sounds equally as evil tonight. With ear-popping blasturbation from behind the kit and guitars being tapped with fingers faster than the world’s speediest receptionist, it seems unlikely the four-piece can be topped tonight.

Cue Origin. They explode onto the stage and seem to take the most advantage of the sound system tonight – their brutal assault seems louder than their predecessors. Vocalist Jason Pewser takes on a similar, hands-on style to Serge as he attempts to get some movement out of the biggest crowd so far, which is still surprisingly weak for a Friday night. He yells for moshers and stage-divers with little response until he bravely throws himself, giving a lift to the atmosphere finally. Jason continues to be the perfect frontman – witty yet powerful – whilst the rest of the American quartet open with the aptly titled ‘Expulsion of Fury’. Many say that you cannot judge a band properly until you have seen them live and if tonight is anything to go by, Origin have confirmed that latest onslaught ‘Entity’ and the rest of their discography is more than worthy.

Reviewed by Lily Randall & Photography Asif Salam

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