3 Inches of Blood, Goatwhore, Angelus Apatrida, Havok @ Camden Underworld, London

Just from this title alone, one can see the eclecticism in this line up from the word go. But tonight, in the variety works in this packed Camden venue.

Despite being the act to break the silence, Havok are fully backed by the thrash elite of fans that are ready to work off their Sunday roast in the pit. The set is short but sweet and luckily the four-piece are fast enough to fit in all the party classics including favourites ‘Covering Fire’ and ‘D.O.A’. Despite their party hard ethic, these guys work hard too, with each riff as stable as it is sweaty.

Once Havok have literally warmed up the crowd and left the stage, the slightly lesser known Angelus Apatrida stop many in their tracks to the bar with a more old school thrash approach. Large in their native Spanish scene, the underdogs are here to promote latest release ‘The Call’, which goes down as well as the rest of their back catalogue. The raspy vocals and original sequences manage to clasp this band some extra followers tonight with a tight set to be proud of.

Goatwhore are next and they immediately darken the atmosphere with their blackened death destruction. No aesthetics are needed and the stage is left stripped down, as the mood of this band is created by their energy and hybrid of sounds. Ben Falgoust is a prime front man, enticing the crowd with his hearty, aggressive vocals and energetic presence, whilst guitarist Sammy Duet proves that good things come in small packages with some evil solos. Showcasing classics from across their 15-year reign, this year’s ‘Blood for the Master’ also goes down a storm, exhibiting some black ‘n’ roll groove with thrashy outbursts.

To heighten the tone, both atmospherically and vocally, headliners 3 Inches of Blood enter the stage to take you back in time to a world where leather and studs was a sign of NWOBHM, not frostbitten kingdoms. After their previous album causing a slight downer, due to a lack of heaviness for 3IOB fans, latest attack ‘Long Live Heavy Metal’ is as cliché as it sounds and keeps everyone here chuffed. The microphone just about copes with Cam Pipe’s insanely high-pitched, well, pipes, whilst the rest of the band sound as clean as the Underworld can offer tonight for all the bands. Their playful power metal completes a night of metal in all its finest shapes and sizes and everyone leaves dreading the reality of Monday morning. With ‘Long Live Heavy Metal’ receiving a seal of approval from fans and metal authorities alike, I’m sure many shall be exclaiming ‘Long Live 3IOB” instead.

Review by Lily Randall

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