Decapitated and Aborted @ Sub89, Reading

Death metal coverage in Reading used to be few and far between but these seem to have changed lately, with newish venue SUB89 fulfilling our flesh-hungry needs, this time in the form of Aborted and Decapitated. The venue often shines with sound perfection and tonight is no different despite the floor being filled with eager midweek moshers.

Belgain Berkshire debutees Aborted manage to do more than just warm the crowd up, as pits start to break out almost immediately as they pound into their brutal death metal. Despite latest album ‘Global Flatline’ receiving a cyber ovation, their diseased discography is evenly spread across the set like entrails from a metal graveyard. Despite Aborted unfortunately falling into the more “core” side of the underground fan bases, they prove themselves to be worthy of more tonight with stunning precision and energy.

For many, this will be the first time seeing Decapitated as their reincarnated selves since their well-known tragedy. Over on the merch stall and on vocalist Rafal’s chest, the words “Wake the fuck up Covan” are displayed in honour of the former band member. The dreadlocked frontman also stops to tell the respectful fans that there will be a charity show in London soon and from the response received its fair to say that despite the themes of tonight’s music, it definitely doesn’t reside in their hearts.

The music however is as brutal as ever with last year’s beast ‘Carnival is Forever’ aurally attacking the crowd, who have clearly already taken in every drip of the record. Unfortunately the kill-joy security guards stop any major movement, despite Decapitated causing a rush of aggression, with the band being pushed all the way from the back to the barrier, thanks the Krimh’s impeccable drumming. The rest of the Poles’ records are shown off with typical favourite ‘Spheres of Madness’, which gives the bouncers their biggest challenge of the night. Nonetheless, death metal is not dead and despite everything they have been through neither is the name Decapitated.

Review By Lily Randall

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