Hail Spirit Noir – ‘Pneuma’


Despite only being March, 2012 has been an impressive year as far as releases from established acts are concerned, with the album of the year title already getting debated. All genres are shining, however then from out of nowhere, unknown Greeks Hail Spirit Noir jump up in your face and scare you shitless. But not in a grim, brutal or speedy manner but more like the most confusing and creepy trip you have ever had.

The duo label themselves psychedelic progressive black metal, which is probably the closest you’re going to get to pinpointing their debut ‘Pneuma’ which swirls and screams from one song to another in a hallucinogenic assemblage. Despite having a more absorbable vocal range and 60’s rock vibe which makes them more accessible than some BM, it is far from rainbows and kitties in terms of themes. Hail Spirit Noir’s bizarre mishmash of sounds and instrumental pieces create a gloomy atmosphere despite its higher pitches at times and with lyrics like “Kill your mother while you’re still in her womb” it will leave you feeling weirdly hypnotized.

One cannot compare Hail Spirit Noir to other bands but if we were to say Serj Tankian, Ghost and Akercocke familiarities wind through the liquidized multicoloured pathway of the occult, you’ll realize what a bizarre yet brilliant release this is.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

Pneuma is out now on Code666

You’ll like this if… you’re willing to let your mind be taken over by something marvellous

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