Municipal Waste – ‘The Fatal Feast’


It is crazy to think that Municipal Waste have managed to party and puke their way to thrash recognition for over a decade now and with that in mind, they know that deep down they don’t really need to change. So they don’t. ‘The Fatal Feast’ is the fifth album from the US wasters but their first with Nuclear Blast, which shows through the high quality artwork and video for this release.

Once the record is spun, you realise that evolution and a change of direction is completely unapparent. Admittedly, it is their longest album (38 minutes) and you can see that they showcase a little more technicality in their riffs and overall playing but deep down it is still alcohol-fuelled, anthem-worthy and ferociously thrash with their always expected humorous lyrics.

They stick to their roots with tracks reminiscent of debut ‘Waste ‘Em All’ however some also mirror 2009’s ‘Massive Aggressive’, meaning Waste fans of all eras are bound to get their teeth stuck into ‘The Fatal Feast’. But let’s be honest, with tracks about being sick on yourself, constant screeching vocals from Tony Foresta and songs that are bound to get you head banging into another universe, you’d be content anyway.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘The Fatal Feast’ is out April 13th on Nuclear Blast

You’ll like this if… your lifetime ambition is to be an alcoholic astronaut that parties hard

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