Asphyx – ‘Deathhammer’


Despite its name, death metal is not going to die out without a fight and when old school legends like Asphyx come back with “reunion” albums, the scene feels stronger than ever. The resurrection of the Dutch forefathers is one that should be celebrated more than Jesus on the Easter weekend, as Martin Van Drunen’s vocals sound as raw and ravenous as ever since re-joining the band in 2007.

‘Deathhammer’ is THE example of how to mould death and doom metal into something truly terrifying. Sticking to their old school sound, the riffs are as raw and gnarly as the excellent artwork, as the tempo speeds up and then brakes to a sudden eerie crawl, dropping into a black hole of doom.

This sudden contrast by no means causes a stuttered structure as each track liquidizes into another. Thrashy chunks of the album include title track ‘Deathhammer’ which has already shown to be popular through internet leaks, while ‘We Doom You To Death’ does is exactly as it says bludgeoning your ears with some nasty sludge tones.

Asphyx manage to achieve what many bands don’t with this release, by keeping to their original sound that made them pioneers, yet still evolving to prove they have more for you to digest. After eight full lengths, ‘Deathhammer’ still leaves you baffled at the musicianship and solid production Asphyx conjure up and confirms that as far as the band are concerned, they still kill the old way.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘Deathhammer’ is out now on Century Media

You’ll like this if… your ideal death is to be battered by an aural hammer of doom

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