Gorod – ‘The Perfect Absolution’

GOROD – ‘The perfect Absolution’ [9]

So it would seem that nowadays the metal scene has become even more picky in what is and isn’t “acceptable” by claiming technical death metal is too pretentious. Quite frankly, if you put out an album like Gorod have with ‘The Perfect Absolution,’ it’s most definitely a case of “if you’ve got it, flaunt it.” After finishing a trilogy of albums led by a conceptual story, the fourth album from Gorod follows the story of a 10th century King of Kiev (as you do), showing the first sign of how imaginative this band are.

Sonically, the record manages to twist and turn through groovy brutality and guitar wankery without it being too much. Opener ‘Birds of Sulphur’ acts as an epic trailer for the rest of the album, with new vocalist Julien “Nutz” Deyres growling in a French tone similar to that of fellow countryman Joe Duplantier. ‘Carved into the Wind’ adds unique jazz influences, one of Gorod’s unique selling points, without it sounding cheesy and most certainly not losing its bite.

This could be one of the albums of the year because, unlike many bands, Gorod don’t show off their skills just for the hell of it but because they manage to integrate everything necessary to create something technical, catchy and heavy all at once. I mean, how often do you find yourself subconsciously dancing around time changes that suddenly have you headbanging?

Reviewed by Lily Randall
The Perfect Absolution is out12th March on Listenable

You’ll like this if… you want something that will make your head explode in the most beautiful way possible.

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