Andrew WK @ HMV Forum, London

Sometimes nostalgia can be the best feeling in the world. The memories and meanings that one relates to a song is something that stays with you forever. The fact that the man in question of writing such songs is the biggest party goer of all time, explains why when these two points are blended together to create such a buzzing audience tonight.

Despite the album showcased tonight celebrating its tenth anniversary, ‘I Get Wet’ appears to be a strong favourite across all demographics, as the anthemic ‘Party Hard’ is still heard in every club to this day. This and the fact that every song on this album contains positive vibes, bouncy riffs and quirky pianos mean an hour of Sir WK becomes the best and most tiring hour of your life. Many will leave tonight with bulging biceps after fist pumping to tracks like ‘Ready To Die’ and ‘I Get Wet’, whilst others will suffer a sore head and Andrew proves he isn’t a one-album wonder with new tracks in his encore, such as aptly named ‘Headbang’.

His “party band”, wife and the icon himself show no sign of calming down, as they pogo around the stage and Andrew’s screams can be heard consistently even in between songs, and it doesn’t surprise you that he does motivational speaking in his spare time. The energy from his lovely Cherie Lily and soppy ‘She Is Beautiful’ stops the show from being a complete sausage fest for the girls in the crowd and if anyone here left unhappy, they clearly do not have a partying pulse in their body. Despite the Forum recently being attacked for its poor sound quality, there is nothing negative to say about tonight.

Reviewed by Lily Randall.

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