Six Feet Under – ‘Undead’

Six Feet Under – ‘Undead’ [5]

It seems that despite leaving his Cannibal Corpse past behind and this being the twelfth Six Feet Under full-length, Chris Barnes is still slightly confused with which direction he is going in. Do not fear fans, as it is apparent the consistent groovy death metal that has been there throughout their discography is still strong, however perhaps ideas are starting to run out. ‘Undead’ seems an apt title, as it often feels that Barnes is desperately trying to keep hold of the nineties’ sounds that got him into the limelight today, however when mixed in with some modern licks and more technical moments, it all gets a little muddled.

It’s a known fact the SFU albums tend to have some great collaborations on them and ‘Undead’ is no different as it features a new line up including ex-Chimaira members Kevin Talley and Rob Arnold. The drummer and guitarist definitely notch up a more technical feel to the album, which definitely brings the band up to speed with the current trends in the death metal scene. Unfortunately however, the drums are not given their full credit as production brings them low into the mix, which then reverses everything aimed for by giving a more raw, old-school feel. This, added with the slow, sludgy parts thrown in here and there, add to the nineties feel, but the changes in speed are pretty average and we all know Chris Barnes’ vocals are never going to change, so it’s fair to say it all gets a bit lousy by the time the last song fades out.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘Undead’ is out now on Metal Blade

You’ll like this if…You’re willing to follow Chris Barnes to the edge of the Earth, even if he brought out a dance project or something.

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