Dying Fetus – ‘Reign Supreme’

DYING FETUS – ‘Reign Supreme’  [7]

When looking through the six previous onslaughts Dying Fetus have released, there are trends that continue on to their latest ‘Reign Supreme’. The first is that since evolving from brutal death to a more technical approach, the Maryland monsters have not overly increased said technicality, unlike many of their familiars in the scene. Another is that when looking at previous reviews and ratings of its predecessors, there isn’t much of a change in marks out of ten. However this doesn’t mean they trundle along as an average Joe death metal act, as instead Dying Fetus subtly mature with age, in a fine wine mannerism rather than a stinky cheese.

If you hate change and love routine, then ‘Reign Supreme’ is bound to keep you feeling content as a former fan, while for anyone new to the band, this is probably a prime example of the beefy riffs this band conjures up laced with grooves. Despite leaving some of their brutal death influences behind, the vocals are still as harsh as ever and the strength behind each track has not been lessened by it either. The production is as modern as you would expect and the musicianship literally “reigns supreme” in tracks like ‘From Womb to Waste’ and ‘In The Trenches’.

Sometimes it’s best to stick to what you know and Dying Fetus prove that they made the right decision doing so, compared to the like of Morbid Angel’s complete change of direction.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘Reign Supreme’ is out now on Relapse Records

You’ll like this if…you like your death metal like your overly-opinionated friend – brutal yet very to the point

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