Nachtvorst – ‘Silence’

Nachtvorst – ‘Silence’ [8]

It may be all sun and smiles here right now but sometimes you need something to bring you back to reality, you need reminding of the grim truth of life. In the world of Nachtvorst, sun doesn’t exist and smiles are banned, as instead their second full length ‘Silence’ is fuelled with pure misery and melancholy. Many may wonder why the Dutch duo would want to dampen our spirits in the middle of spring, but when negativity is this beautiful, you will find it hard not to forgive them for causing you to lock yourself in a darkened room. Like their debut ‘Stills’, Nachtvorst stick to their black metal roots, starting aggressively towards the beginning of the album and slowing further down towards the end, like they’re leading you down a black spiral of apathy.

The doomy pace and lengthened tracks blended with Erghals’ sheer shrieks and painful growls create something crushing, whilst a few strings and piano here and there add to the atmosphere, which is already there in heaps and bounds. It’s clean production and consistent emotion means it has an epic progressiveness, which leads to a masochistic dream of an album.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘Silence’ is out now on Code 666

You’ll like this if… you like the idea of getting aurally raped in most evil yet beautiful manner.

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