Aura Noir @ The Underworld, Camden

24th May 2012

The Underworld has become a consistent venue when it comes to bringing the London extreme scene something to drool over and an album release party from black thrashers Aura Noir is no exception. The  Norwegian’s latest onslaught ‘Out To Die’ has received plenty of praise like the rest of their catalogue and is definitely worthy of its own shindig.

London-grown tour whores Disfago and Sepuku start up the fire with their crusty death metal and if you have somehow missed their live shows before, then you can expect sheer brutality sweating from every pore, while experimental black metal outlet Code are equally welcomed by the crowd.

Unlike many bands who share their genre, Aura Noir have managed to be reliable when it comes to creating an album which manages to stick to the raw roots of Scandanavia, without sounding outdated. ‘Out to Die’ is no exception and when played live it sounds outstanding. Many of the fans in the crowd have clearly had a sneaky listen while the rest of the set shows honour to their previous classics. Thanks to mixing the elements of black and thrash, the atmosphere manages to be fuelled by speed, fun and brutality, as well as by aggression and ultimate evil, leaving plenty of blood, sweat and beer under the stage. Back to their original line up, Aura Noir manage to expose a gritty sound whilst still being tight in the often temperamental Underworld acoustics. Groovy licks such as ‘Gaping Grave Awaits’ keep hair flailing and old favourites off their debut prove that regardless of how long Aura Noir go on for, they will always unleash a black thrash attack.

Reviewed by Lily Randall


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