Hellfest 2012 – Sunday

It’s the last day. We’ve run out of beer tokens and we can’t remember what happened last night. So it’s time to use up the rest of the festival’s insanity before we have to return to reality. International favourites such as Trivium, Dimmu Borgir and Children of Bodom are all on today and each get the giant applause you’d expect. Death metal wise bands like Brutal Truth and Dying Fetus are on the Altar being as gnarly as ever, however once again sound technicalities seem to have gotten in the way as the punch is taken away.

Are you still awake? Just about? Well good because there is still a hell of a lot more bands to close the festival in style. Despite being slightly hit and miss at times, Ozzy Osbourne manages to perform to a great standard during his headline set with his “friends”; Geezer Butler, Slash and Zakk Wylde. Despite the rain the crowd are as vocal as the legend as he performs both Black Sabbath favourites and a selection from his solo career. For many, this is definitely a worthy replacement of the Sabbath themselves.

The Warzone tent is slightly isolated on the Hellfest plains but that doesn’t mean they don’t make enough racket to make sure you don’t forget about them. With punk and hardcore legends such as Discharge and Refused on the bill, mohawks from all over Europe are going mental. If drone isn’t your cup of tea, Biohazard are closing up the festival over here with some seriously brutal hardcore that proves they are still as tight as ever and very unable to stay enclosed on their stage as they leap into the arms of a very willing crowd.

Just when you thought you had witnessed the most bizarre sights and sounds this weekend, both on the stages and the campsite and are ready to head back to the tent for a final piss up, the Valley tent is rammed. The hooded duo that create Sunn O))) are barely visible under a thick cloud of green fog (sure to be created by smoke machines and a few joints) but there music is hard to ignore. The drone pioneers have the whole floor vibrating as expected of their down tuned guitars and as you look around the tent, people are literally possessed by the aural atmosphere. Some stand completely still, eyes closed, while others appear to do bizarre body movements like a spellbound dance. This only adds to the surreal experience and when you leave for some fresh air and a good night’s sleep, your ears will ring and this will haunt you for a long time, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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