Bloodstock Preview 2012

Bloodstock Festival

Catton Park, UK



Despite some amazing festivals already taking place this summer, Bloodstock like to tease you impatient whippersnappers by holding their three day extreme extravaganza towards the end of the season. Their ten year anniversary line up last year seemed impossible to top, however the organisers have come back with some huge names from all corners of the extreme metalsphere! The festival’s motto “by the fans for the fans” is in full force as bands from around the globe are welcomed to perform across three stages, including a New Blood stage rimmed with unsigned talent. With only one month to go, we’re starting to get a little over excited and with tickets close to sell out, here’s what’s on offer.

Friday 10th August 2012

Behemoth (Ronnie James Dio stage, Fri 10th): With a stage named after a legend taken away from our community through illness, it seems even more relevant to have Behemoth headlining the first night, with it being their first UK appearance since front man Nergal was struck by leukaemia. They had to cancel their 2010 Bloodstock performance but the blackened death deities are back stronger than ever with a set that’s bound to be full of fire and pure extremity from the Poles. Other festivals this summer have confirmed we are in for a real treat.

Watain (Ronnie James Dio stage, Fri 10th): More grim tunes will come on the opening day from ever-growing Swedish soldiers of black metal. Not only is their sound pristinely dark but frontman Erik and his militia are aesthetically enchanting with candles, fire and blood (if you’re at the front, prepare to smell by the end) making for a stage show Satan himself would be proud of.

Sepultura (Ronnie James Dio stage, Fri 10th): If you want a titan of a thrash name printed on your festival flyer, then who better than Sepultura? The Brazilians may have gone through some line-up changes over there extensive years but that doesn’t stop them from producing truly brutal tracks which sound equally as crushing live. Whether you’re an old era fan enjoying the speedy tunes like ‘Arise’, or the more chuggy tracks off latest onslaught ‘Kairos’, you can be certain it’s gonna be LOUD! And we bet you can’t go through ‘Roots Bloody Roots’ without headbanging.

Alcest (Sophie Lancaster stage, Fri 10th): Releasing their third and probably most beautiful album to date, vocalist Neige will now be closing the Sophie stage with Alcest’s wonderful lullabies. We hope there isn’t a major clash with Behemoth but either way before to catch their melodic ambience full of melancholia to calm you after the crazy day you’ve had.

Pythia (Sophie Lancaster stage, Fri 10th): Get your corsets at the ready for Friday as power metallers Pythia grace the Sophie stage. Following in the steps of bands like Within Temptation and supporting Arch Enemy, vocalist Emily is probably glad to start something to contend with Nightwish after losing the competition to be the replacement for Tarja.

Saturday 11th August 2012

Machine Head (Ronnie James Dio stage, Sat 11th): After lots of speculation as to who the final headliner would be, American mainstreamers Machine Head were announced. Despite splitting the Bloodstock camps, there is no denying that the foursome are as heavy as you can get when it comes to a live performance and with club floor-fillers like ‘Davidian’ bound to be played, you’re likely  to at least have a sing-a-long and get nostalgic. We wonder what five tracks will get chosen from debut ‘Burn My Eyes’…

Mayhem (Ronnie James Dio stage, Sat 11th): Black metal celebrities Mayhem may be playing in broad daylight but it is highly unlikely they’ll allow that to brighten their moods with theatrical stage set ups and a historical background that’s bound to intrigue everyone.

Benediction (Ronnie James Dio stage, Sat 11th): The boys from Birmingham went down a treat at Bloodstock in 2010, so this opening set is bound to be equally as brutal to break you out of that hangover. Their death metal infused with thrash has been boiling under the ground for many years now, but with a following of legends such as Death and Massacre, you know they’re worth waking up for.

Orange Goblin (Sophie Lancaster stage, Sat 11th): If you are still whinging about the Machine Head announcement, how about going and watching Orange Goblin instead? Their stoner doom has hit the headlines in the community with this year’s release ‘Eulogy of the Damned’ receiving plenty of praise and the Londoners have always been consistent with making their live shows as chunky and heavy as possible.

Dripback (Sophie Lancaster stage, Sat 11th): Despite being a bit of a marmite band last year, hardcore super group Dripback have been invited back for a consecutive year on the Sophie stage. With members from bands like Ted Maul and Labrat, one thing the band can guarantee is some in-your-face brutality straight from Landaaan.

Sunday 12th August 2012

Alice Cooper (Ronnie James Dio stage, Sun 12th): King of shock rock Alice Cooper may seem to have been on the road for, well, ever but it doesn’t stop him from putting on a belter of a show. He’ll be sure to squeeze in to his leather trousers while singing classics everyone knows, with an equally iconic Halloween style stage set up.

Dimmu Borgir (Ronnie James Dio stage, Sun 12th): Expect even more crazy outfits from Shagrath and co as they play into the evening’s darkness. The poster boys of black metal have an extensive discography and are likely to fill the main stage with energy and aggression. Corpsepaint at the ready!

Nile (Ronnie James Dio stage, Sun 12th): Death metal fans are in for a treat as veterans Nile return to our shores. The US Egypt-obsessed blasters are fresh with a new album under their belts, so expect it to be fast, furious and Pharoah-fuelled!

Evile (Ronnie James Dio stage, Sun 12th): Due to Deicide being as unreliable as ever, the new wave of thrash metal has been pushed up the bill. Northerners Evile have set Derby on fire before and with an influx of new fans this is bound to get the pits opening up, with the Drake borthers shredding like never before!

Anaal Nathrakh (Sophie Lancaster stage, sun 12th): If you’re just not feeling up to glamming out with Alice, the more extreme side can still be found to conclude your Bloodstock, thanks to Anaal Nathrakh. More English talent that manage to embrace the black metal beasts within without needing to be in a frostbitten kingdom elsewhere in Europe. Their unique sound which blends grind and death into the mix is sure to sound killer live, so get in the tent and finish your weekend on a high.

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