Svartsyn – ‘The True Legend’

SVARTSYN – ‘The True Legend’ [5]

Reissues can be cause for debate as it is often seen as a last grab for some cash but for black metal it can be a godsend, or “Satansend” should we say. Albums being resurrected from the grim nineties normally benefit from some remastering so that they no longer sound like they’ve been recorded in your Nan’s shed, however for Swedish outlet Svartsyn it isn’t much of an improvement for their debut album’s new recording.

‘The True Legend’ was probably seen as a strong contender in the realms of Scandinavian blackness with its consistent blastbeats and savage riffs, however this remake seems like a bit of a half-arsed job. It sounds as though the vocals and guitars have been re-recorded, while the rest is left just mastered slightly, leaving the mix uneven, as well as omitting songs. Although the fiddling in the studio exhibits the song writing that deserves some praise, it completely overrides the groovy bass found on the original and the most important part of most black metal – atmosphere. It’s likely that as a black metal fan, you’ll favour the old record as it’s harsher, gnarly and worthy of second-wave recognition.

Seeing as the original copy is very hard to get hold of nowadays, it’s understandable that a Svartsyn fan may buy this to fill the void, seeing as the rest of their discography is consistently strong, however this shiny new disc is certainly not worthy of collectable status.

You’ll like this if…you like playing spot the difference with remastered albums. Or if you like broadening your black metal to something other than the obvious.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘The True Legend’ is out now on Agonia Records

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