Fastkill – ‘Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer’

Fastkill – ‘Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer’ [2 out of 5]

Pulverised Records

Many people would argue that thrash isn’t the most original genre of metal; however there are many bands that have managed to reinvent the eighties, or develop it further. Unfortunately for Japanese thrashers Fastkill, their worship of bands like Slayer have left them looking like copycats with the whole album having similar compositions, beats and riffs. Furthermore, Toshio Komori’s vocals are slightly too shrill for some – imagine the tone-deaf Nuclear Assault’s canine equivalent. It’s not that Fastkill are bad at what they do in any way, as they play at supersonic speeds and are likely to go down well at a party, but with a song titled ‘In Thrash We Trust, you can confirm these fanboys have gone too far.

Published in Terrorizer #226


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