Warbringer, Elm Street, Necroriser & Desolator @ Barfly, Camden

Thrash is about fun, beer-fuelled fury so in an ideal world the crowd needs to be as mental as a band to get the full potential. It’s a Tuesday night and despite the Barfly being small as it is, the floor still seems too visible for a band such as Warbringer.

With this in mind Southampton openers Desolator have a challenge on their hands as their old school worship is usually met with a lot of movement and madness however this doesn’t dampen their spirits, as the only thing damp is beer-soaked shirts. Between the three of them they manage to make a racket reminiscent of bands like Sadus and even if they haven’t warmed up the crowd that much, they’ve definitely started their night of with a bang.

Local favourites Necroriser manage to receive slightly a better acknowledgement with their more brutal take on thrash getting heads banging. Yet another trio who manage to let rip guitar solos without the support of a rhythm guitar and with the crowd already yelling for favourite ‘Suicide’ to be played, its apparent these guys are going to mean serious business in the future.

Main support act Elm Street seem rather unknown tonight despite their debut ‘Barbed Wire Metal’ receiving some great feedback last year. The Aussie outlet are the underdogs of the neo-thrash movement as of late with a sound equally as good as the likes of Havok or Warbringer, however their vocalist Ben Batres gives a twist of the old school with Mustaine influences in his tone.

When Warbringer first enter the stage, the crowd seems almost scared to stand forward and enjoy the energetic onslaught they’re about to witness but after a song of speedy seduction, the pitting begins. The US four-piece embrace their space more than a lot of thrash bands these days with frontman John Kevill constantly fist pumping, jumping around and getting us riled up. With a trio fo albums, the set is consistent with favourites and the themes of war, despite the fun atmosphere it creates. Opener ‘Living Weapon’ is chanted back and a cover as a closer may be a bit of an easy choice but at the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with Motorhead. For a genre that is so linked to alcohol, it’s fair to say the hangover on a school night is going to attack tomorrow.

Review by Lily Randall

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