Morgoth – ‘Cursed to Live’ [6]

After being inactive for fifteen years, it’s clear German death metallers Morgoth couldn’t resist getting back into the game. Their reformation in 2010 was supposed to consist of a single live performance but led to a string of appearances around Europe, one of which was recorded for their first live album ‘Cursed To Live’. The quintet’s old school Swe-death style is kept that way despite the modern recording but is still rich enough to get you in a festival spirit.

‘Cursed To Live’, which was conveniently released on the 20th anniversary of their debut ‘Cursed’, showcases a set largely based on this album, while their more commercial sounds later on in Morgoth’s career are avoided. A few rarities from old EPs and a selection from ‘Odium’ create an ideal collection of strengths and increase the audience’s excitement, which is subtly caught on record, giving a true sense of atmosphere.

If you’ve never heard Morgoth before this, it’s fair to say this live album will still give you a pretty good idea of what you’re in store for. The whole affair is overflowing with swampy riffs and although the drums are a little quiet, you still get the idea of their blasting speeds. There seems to be a resurrection of old school death metal of late and we can only hope Morgoth are back for good to join this movement.

Reviewed by Lily Randall.
Cursed To Live is out now on Century Media.

You’ll like this if… you still kill the old way and need an album to keep festival blues at bay.

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