Bloodstock Interviews : Moonsorrow

Many debates on the Bloodstock forum were over the lack of folk metal bands on the bill this weekend but with Moonsorrow truly waking up the main stage earlier in the day, it’s fair to say good things come in small packages. This is the first time the band have been on our isles in four years, so we thought we’d better grab them before they disappeared again.

This is your first Bloodstock, but it’s not your first UK festival is it?
It went too fast! I didn’t even realise we were already at the end when we were playing the last song. It was really good though.

Surely it’s still worth it though even if it is only a short set?
Of course it’s still worth it! We haven’t been here for four years so we definitely were looking forward to being here. We last played Bloodstock in 2008 and it’s great to be back, especially with non-typical English weather.

Was there any particular reason as to why you’ve not been back to the UK for a while?
Not really, I mean perhaps there have been a lack of good offers but that’s not on the band’s part at all. We’d love to come back to the UK right after playing Bloodstock. We’ve been doing other tours but for some reason or another, the UK has not been involved.

So, can we expect a UK tour anytime soon?
I would really like to do that, I can’t tell anything right now, as we don’t actually have any plans because we have an American tour coming and then we will probably start thinking about the next album. When the next album is out we will of course want to go on an extensive tour all over the place, however we haven’t started the album yet.

You may not have actually started the album but do you have any ideas in the mix?
No one knows yet.

Have you got to check any of the bands out today?
We just got to see Sepultura, that was really good, especially their new drummer.

When you’re out on tour, do you keep up with the other beer-obsessed folk metal bands?
I would say that we do still. I wouldn’t say we were less subtle though, even if we do not sing about it!

Interview by Lily Randall.


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