Zatokrev – ‘The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere’

Zatokrev – ‘The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere’

Candlelight Records

Despite two full lengths previous, ‘The Bat…’ is getting the same reception as a debut due to Zatokrev’s underground status. The band is hard to pinpoint with labels such as post-doom and doom-death, however the black metal vocal shrills give the Swiss outlet a more unique twist. Opener ‘Goddamn Lights’ starts promisingly as crushing riffs contrast with ease over stripped down melancholy creating a sound that makes Katatonia sound like they’ve won the lottery. The second and third tracks continue to please with what the band call “sludge apocalypse”, however the songs all come in at around eight minutes long, causing the tempo to drag and attention to be lost. Although it’s a challenge to reach the end of the album due to the length and bleakness, the ambience is bound to hypnotize you so you don’t even notice.

3/5 fists

Lily Randall

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