Kontinuum – ‘Earth Blood Magic’

Kontinuum – ‘Earth Blood Magic’

Candlelight Records

With Solstafir bringing Iceland back into metal community conversations with last year’s album, it would appear Kontinuum are following to confirm their country’s status. With some similarities to Solstafir, ‘Earth Blood Magic’ presents a melancholic menagerie of influences from post black metal screams, piano-led ambience and even some folk instrumentals. Despite such a blend of sounds, the five-piece keep a progressive yet desolate tone throughout. Akin to their hometown Reykjavik, the album feels isolated and icy, until all of a sudden a stronger noise erupts and covers the tracks in riff-filled magma. The doom and gloom is produced with clarity however the changes between Icelandic and English vocals causes a stutter through the record making you think perhaps they should’ve stuck to one or the other. Regardless, this debut shows an array of qualities Kontinuum are capable of, however they may have showcased too much at once.

Lily Randall

3 fists

To be published in Issue 1 of Iron Fist magazine! Like it on Facebook now!


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