My Top 5 albums of 2012 so far

1. Gojira – ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’

After giving it a 10/10, there are no regrets. Gojira continue to crush in their unique blend of death metal chuggery and calming interludes.

2. Asphyx – ‘Deathhammer’

The legends of the death/doom scene returned with their eighth full length and continue to do what they do best, crushing riffs, however this time with a slightly thrashy twist.

3. Gorod – ‘A Perfect Absolution’

Despite being one of the first releases of 2012, this album has still stuck with me. The technicality by the French  is flawless and the additional jazz parts make it hard to forget.

4. Meshuggah – ‘Koloss’

Does this really need an explanation? Meshuggah are finally back and they haven’t lost their touch as they continue to show up any other djent wannabes.

5. Goatwhore – ‘Blood for the Master’

Goatwhore celebrated their fifteenth anniversary with a beast of an album, however the stars still stay underrated despite a blackened death masterpiece that’s hard to pinpoint.

Close behind these choices were: Ihshan, Flayed Disiciple, Testament, Nachtvorst



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