In Honour of Icon E – ‘A Tribute to Emperor’

If you’re an Emperor fan, you’re in for a treat this year, with the former frontman’s latest release, Samoth’s new band The Wretched End’s new one and now a compilation of covers of the iconic Norwegians. Although Emperor were profoundly black metal in their sound, they managed to influence a plethora of different artists and many have gathered onto this gig to pay tribute to the now split up band.

Candlelight offer lesser known bands a chance to shine such as Polish act Saltus and Slovakian’s Karpathia adding their twist on classics. Dimmu Borgir cover ‘Enthrone Darkness Triumphant’, which suits their keyboard-fuelled symphonies perfectly, while death metal bands like Demonical give old favourites a deathly twist. Bands likely to idolise Ihsahn and co do the honours, with Taake and Horna leading the way in the modern black metal scene and although, like the rest of the album, they don’t change the classics too much, they don’t insult them either. A sure buy for Emperor lovers, however nothing too different from most compilations.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

To be Published in Devolution Magazine’s Sept issue


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