Sepultura feature @ BOA 2012

For nearly three decades, Sepultura has been a key name in the metalsphere and today they continue to prove their worth as they step onto the main stage of Bloodstock Festival. The band’s history has been looked upon as a metal equivalent to a major celebrity couple break up, yet the band still continue to create extreme music regardless of the press and last year’s stormer ‘Kairos’ was proof of that. Lily Randall talks to frontman Derrick Green about the future of Sepultura.

It’s the first day of Bloodstock and from the word go the line-up is beaming like the weather upon it. Before the darkness tonight from Behemoth and Watain, thrash legends Sepultura are here to soak up the summer atmosphere and later on today they prove themselves as powerful as ever, with a set list to die for and a beastly presence. Before the set, Derrick Green is calm backstage and despite his terrifying physique, his mannerisms confirm him as a big softie.

Stepping in as the frontman after the Cavalera dramas of Sepultura was always bound to be a hard task, however the Ohio born vocalist has proved himself when it comes to writing brutal new songs, as well as embracing the classics live. With such a large discography varying in styles, one would think the task of choosing a 45 minute set list would be excruciating but it sounds pretty straightforward according to Derrick. “I think we go through the reaction of people at the very beginning of the tour, when we’re trying out things so we can pick and choose, which is really nice when you have a huge catalogue. Certain songs sit very well live and you wanna keep the energy level very high and now at the end of the cycle we really know what’s working.

The change in members also saw a turn in sound for the Brazilians as their old school thrash was evolved into a more nu-metal groove. 2011’s ‘Kairos’ may have been a concept album but it doesn’t mean that the old fans have been completely lost. Derrick feels that the newer songs have fallen in a lot easier than a lot of songs from the past. “We can go back to back with these songs and people really know them, we can see them singing it and getting energetic just from announcing the songs”, he explains. “There are a lot of younger fans coming to the shows and they don’t really know about the very early days of Sepultura.”

The atmosphere is buzzing in the VIP area as Derrick explains his favourite thing about festivals is catching up with old friends and checking out some new bands live. Unfortunately, the band is back on the road today with some shows in Ireland to slaughter, however Green is hoping to check out the comeback of the mighty Behemoth. “I’ve heard of Behemoth, I’ve seen their scary videos and I wanna see if they’re that scary live”, he jokes. We try and find out about the tour bus antics but Derrick laughs off any amusing tales, “Haha, woo! That’s what the readers want to hear but nah we’re actually pretty boring now.”

The band will continue to tour with Germany’s Summer Breeze festival, followed by some dates in their home country and the rest of South America, and then on to Indonesia and Asia. “We’re saving the best one til last though, we’re on the Barge to Hell and I can’t wait to be on that cruise!” Derrick beams after confirming a new Sepultura record will be in the mix and writing will start in the new year.

With the craziness of the Olympics finally coming to a close in Great Britain, it seemed only fair we talked sport to the next hosts of the Games. It’s well known that Sepultura are big football fans so with both the Olympics and the World Cup joining them in Brazil in the coming years, is there any chance of some thrash in the opening ceremony?

“I would love that!” Derrick confirms, “It would be totally awesome but I don’t think it’s possible. Maybe not the opening ceremony but sometime during the event, then we have to have a position there without a doubt!” “We’re already working on it. I’m already a chairman of a non-violence organization that’s been connected with football and I really wanna do something with it when the World Cup comes and everything. We have a lot of possibilities and we’re talking to a lot of people to do something very original and different.”

And with that, we’ll leave you with the vision of ‘Roots Bloody Roots’ being played, surrounded by acrobats and fireworks, as the athletes do their laps.

By Lily Randall


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