Grave/Vile/Sonne Adam @ Camden Underworld, London


As an autumn of aural destruction dawns upon us in the UK, with so many bands heading our way, what better way to start it off than with some old school Swedish death metal. Grave are regular visitors to the UK, however for support act Sonne Adam this is only their second time over from their native Israel. After an explosive year for the death/doom act last year (what with being signed by Century Media for their debut album and all) the crowd have attended in mass as the band ooze through seriously heavy tracks off of ‘Transformation’. The sound is as hauntingly hypnotic as the fans head bang in a synchronised slow motion and after blasting through some tracks off the three old EPs, it’s understandable why Sonne Adam are re-releasing the tracks on formats other than vinyl.

The death metal is brought up to the present with Vile’s modern touch speeding up the riffs and adding technical terror.  Vocalist Mike Poggoine owns the stage as he looks as terrifying as the music and despite an early start the next day for many; a small pit begins to swell.

A lot of the Londoners tonight may be suffering from slight deja-vu, as Swedes Grave step onto exactly the same stage, as exactly the same band, as they did almost a year ago. Despite this, the old school legends prove they can still outdo themselves as this year’s onslaught is much livelier than its predecessor.  Front man Ola seems in a more comfortable zone as the rest of the band march around the small stage and new ammunition in the form of recent album ‘Endless Procession of Souls’ increases the grit. The new album proves that the band still kill the old way, as tracks like ‘Passion of the Weak’ receive as good a reaction as classics from the ‘Hating Life’ album and then some. The band leave the stage without playing favourite ‘Into The Grave’, making for a very obvious encore, however due to an unfortunate delayed start, Grave are still on stage as many start to leave as not to get stranded in Camden town. Nonetheless, whether you leave half way through or stay until the band has left the venue, you will not be disappointed by the invincible live show that is Grave’s.

Reviewed by Lily Randall 

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