Devin Towsend Project – ‘Epicloud’ [7]

Devin Towsend Project – ‘Epicloud’ [7]

Devin Townsend has become a buzzword in the metal scene and despite constant changes in his sound, style and influences; we have still clung to his wisdom like the crazy uncle we love. Last year’s double whammy of ‘Deconstruction’ and ‘Ghost’ showed music in schizophrenic form yet both were worthy of a lifelong relationship. ‘Epicloud’ has had a build up like no other and admittedly it is both epic and loud, however it feels as though Devin has found himself stuck in a cloud of pop for perhaps a bit too long.

As promised, the album is full of poppy moments in a similar style to ‘Addicted’ however this time round it feels like there is a spark missing from the Canadian band. The slightly aggressive edge that you could once find on the likes of ‘Universe in a Ball’ has been replaced with more female vocals than ever before and despite half the album being addictive, the rest is hard to embrace. ‘Lucky Animals’ is so catchy it becomes irritating, like some kind of radio jingle, and although ‘Grace’, ‘Save Our Now’ and ‘More!’ are slightly more riff heavy, it just isn’t enough to compete with the beast that was ‘Deconstruction’. ‘Divine’ is definitely this album’s ‘Ih-Ah’ making you feel like you can sort out your differences with Devy, as he serenades you and reminisces about your relationship with him as he blasts through the newer, slicker ‘Kingdom’. All the tracks are sure to be a hit live but for those of us with a long lasting love for DTP, this album starts to find cracks in the genius’ logic and many may doubt their future with him.

Reviewed by Lily Randall (who for the record, still loves Devin)

‘Epicloud’ is out 24th September on  Hevy Devy Records

You’ll like this if… Devin Townsend can never ever do wrong, even if he brought out a rap album. Or, if you like your music epic and loud.


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