Dying Fetus/Job For A Cowboy/Revocation/Cerebral Bore @ Sub89, Reading


Ah, there’s nothing better than a midweek moshpit, especially when it’s fuelled all night by four brutal bands from each realm of death metal. This tour should come with a warning as the Reading metal scene prepare for battle against their own sanity.

Cerebral Bore may be the opening act, but with an ever growing following, the venue is already half full and pumping to go. Som’s incredible exhale vocals have caused a massive stir in the brutal death underground and she’s as on form as ever, her confidence growing from every show as she commands the crowd to lose their minds. With a well-received full length to work with in the short set, the blastbeats certainly get the crowd warmed up and slightly battered already.

Revocation are on next and disappointingly the crowd evaporates, which is a real shame as the Americans are on top form tonight. Their death metal with a more thrashy edge is clearly not “br00tal” enough for the crowd and is an unfortunate choice of line up. Nonetheless the Revocation boys have a blast shredding through last year’s ‘Choas of Forms’ and show off the most technicality of the night with some instrumentals that still keep the loyal fans engrossed. Reading massive, you fail.

Job For A Cowboy have come a long way since their debut in 2007. After battling through the MySpace days, taunts of being “too core” and then the usual rockstar proceedings, the Arizonians continue to keep their bite when it comes to a live show. Whether you like or loathe them, there is no denying JFAC are rudely brutal and one of the most endearing bands visually onstage, as they run around as they chug through newer material. This year’s ‘Demonocracy’ has received rave reviews with many claiming the band have truly matured and it’s fair to say this is noticeable live as well.

For those of us who are still upright enough, both from boozing and bruising, Dying Fetus finally take to the stage. With the pit hardly stopping, even between songs, the brutal death metal legends plough through tracks from their lengthy discography, playing older tracks they may not have previously touched. This year’s violent offering, ‘Reign Supreme’, sounds just as nasty on stage as it does through your iPod, with the majority of the crowd already knowledgeable of the record and are equally as violent on the floor. An encore of the inevitable ‘Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog’ is lapped up before everyone clambers around the floor trying to find their faces that have melted off.

Reviewed by Lily Randall


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