In the Spotlight with Dripback…and producer Russ Russell

Last year saw hardcore Londoners Dripback scramble into the limelight after an impressive set at BOA and to prove they’re still worthy, they’ve returned to an even bigger crowd. In one of the most drunken chats of the festival, Lily Randall spoke to drummer Hellhog and guitarist Gino4, who were hanging with their producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir and Evile).

You guys played earlier and are one of the rarities where BOA allowed you to play the year before as well. How did this year compare?

Hellhog: It was a bit busier in the tent this year and a lot louder. I think Russ turned it up to eleven this year.

Russ: The crowd was amazing. Right to the back everyone was fist pumping

Hellhog: We played some new stuff that we’ve been working on for the new album. Literally, we’ve taken a break from it to play the shows and Russ has pushed it out of us.

How’s it been working with Russ?

Hellhog: He’s so harsh!

Russ: It’s gone really well because they don’t know what they’re doing and I don’t know what I’m doing either! So somewhere in the middle it all works out.

Hellhog: Nah, it’s been great, it’s always an honour to work with Russ and it’s been a fucking pleasure as well. He knows how to get the best out of us and he’s dragged it out of us kicking and screaming.

Gino4: And he makes the killer hot sauce, which I’m sure every band he’s worked with has raved about. We did a bottle and a half in a week. It’s so strong it will make you impotent.

So what you played of the new tracks earlier sounded awesome. How does the new stuff differ to your last record?

Hellhog: The thing with the new record is that literally, there are so many new things going on.

Russ: It’s going to surprise everybody!

Hellhog: There’s a taste of ‘Inhaling the Ashes’ in there but we’ve evolved and there’s hardcore, there’s death metal, there’s all kinds of tastiness in there and it’s taken on a whole new flavour.

Russ: There’s a lot of bullshit and a lot of haters on the Internet talking absolute fucking bollocks and when they hear this album, they have just got to shut the fuck up because it negates everything they said.

Hellhog: Last year was busy but this year it was rammed. I was astounded, honoured and humbled by the crowd that turned up today.

When you were writing this album were you ever thinking of it as a “Fuck you” to the haters?

Hellhog: No not really. We just do our thing, we play what we play

Gino4: If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

Russ: If you don’t like it, go and sharpen your swords!

So apart from playing, what else do you love about Bloodstock?

Gino4: Standing around in shorts and a vest, drinking, smoking weed, doing lines of whatever the fuck’s going about and having a laugh.

Russ: And getting to talk to lovely ladies.


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