Weapon – ‘Embers and Revelations’ [8]

The wonderfully brutal hybrid that is black/death metal can often be a confusing one, but for Canadians Weapon, there is no other way to describe them. Their previous two albums showed how well they moulded an array of influences; however Relapse debut ‘Embers and Revelations’ launches further into the depths of hell with a sharper blade.

Founder of the band Vetis Monarch’s Bangladeshi origin adds an Eastern feel akin to Nile or Melechesch whilst the addition of a second guitarist, found in Rom Surtr, creates a slick yet sludgy sound, much crisper than the previous records. The dark chugs in Morbid Angel style, blended with a fascination in Satanism runs fluidly from song to song with mesmerizing leads stopping this album from becoming generic. The Disicple’s double bass pounds consistently through the ‘Embers and Revelations’ and a high production keeps the fire burning from his feet and avoiding anything tedious. Whilst ‘Liber Lilith’ and ‘Shahenshah’ showcase the atmospheric attributes of black metal with haunting back chants, tracks like ‘Crepuscular Swamp, Unhinged Swine’ keep the riffs deathly with more old school worship. The song writing and delivery is as evil as its predecessors, which is likely to stop underground fans from complaining of too much evolution within the band, but with a stronger backbone in musicianship and a current invite supporting bands like Marduk and 1349, Weapon are sure to continue killing off any Christian bones in your body.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

Embers and Revelations’ is out now on Relapse

You’ll like this if… you and Satan fancy getting some amazing old vinyls and melting them together to create a demon with an awesome music taste.


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