Aeon – ‘Aeons Black’

Aeon – ‘Aeons Black’

Ah, the refreshing stench of Swedish death metal has returned and although Aeon don’t stem back as far as the old school likes of Dismember or Master the loyalties to their origin remain. Aeon’s three previous full lengths have proven to progress as time goes on and ‘Aeons Black’ is no change as the Swedes continue to develop and swell into a monolithic beast. Tommy Dahlström’s consistent yet destructive vocals make Aeon distinctive throughout their discography but riff-wise ‘Aeons Black’ shreds its formers to pieces with swirling melodies and homogenous brutality. Technicality shines through clearer than before in a similar style to other bands in the limelight, with ‘Garden of Sin’ and the title track ‘Aeon’s Black’, confirming that Aeon can keep in with the youngsters while preserving the old school tones. The first listen may not grab you at first but see it as the threatening letter you receive before a reckless beating.

Review by Lily Randall

To be published in Iron Fist #2


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