Rage Nucleaire – ‘Unrelentless Fucking Hatred’

Having a well-known name from the industry is always going to help propel you into the limelight but for a band like Rage Nucléaire, their signing to Seasons of Mist seems undeserving. Fronted by ex-Crytopsy’s Lord Worm, this debut album, which took twelve years to form, is a shambles. ‘Unrelentless Fucking Hatred’ is a poor man’s Anaal Nathrakh and by poor, we mean living on the streets with no underwear. Whilst their influences use charm and technicality, Rage Nucléaire is a messy affair of blastbeats, random keyboard sections and bizarre vocal effects that sound out of time with the generic riffing. An attempt at brutality is shadowed by a lack of connection between instruments and drums so triggered its painful to make it to the tenth and final track. The Worm should crawl back in to the soil of Cryptopsy and stay there, as this will not be allowed past the gates of Valhalla.

1/5 fists

Reviewed by Lily Randall

To be published in Iron Fist #002


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