Bane – ‘The Acausal Fire’

After 2010’s promising debut ‘Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness’, Bane continue with a formula that works for follow up ‘The Acausal Fire’. The Serbian’s Scandinavian idolization is as apparent as before with a blackened death gem that has been polished off like a fossil from the nineties. The production is a lot cleaner than its forefathers’, but that doesn’t stop Bane from creating an atmosphere reminiscent of Dissection and the vocal balance between black and death flows in between a symphonic intro and outro in a haunting Belphegor manner. ‘As Chaos Rises’ embraces the epic and although the album seems to lose its ferocity near the end, a blinding cover of Dissection’s ‘Night’s Blood’ reels you back in. It may not be a game changer but it’s good to know that the Swedish storm has spread across the world.


Reviewed by Lily Randall

To be published in Iron Fist #002


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