Von – ‘Satanic Blood’ 3/10

When it takes a band twenty years to release a debut album, you hope that there must be something truly magical about it; however for Von a lack of imagination has truly bitten them in the arse. Once an influential USBM band, the blasphemous bunch managed to collect fans through their raw demos often titled ‘Satanic Blood’ or similar, and this lack of originality is shown through their music as well as their titles.

As is expected, some badly produced demos prior to Von’s break up are resurrected onto this album with some slight mastering but the likes of ‘Devil Pig’ and ‘Venein’ are still ridiculously evil sounding. New material such as ‘Jesus Stain’ continues to showcase the mid-paced, primitive black metal that has been seen before and thankfully most tracks on the album are around the two minute mark, saving you from being bored to death. Although a lot of black metal is slated for its repetition, Von take the piss and you would think that after two decades and a line-up change, something innovative may have appeared but alas, they were too busy being “kvlt” and violent for that.

After that London show in 2010, full of tension, poor playing and fans ripping off Von patches mid set,  it’s fair to say that the final nail should be hammered into the Von coffin and kept deep in the murky past where they were once inspiring and interesting.

Reviewed by Lily Randall


‘Satanic Blood’ is out now on Von Records

You’ll like this if… you’re completely oblivious to everything that has happened previously or have the memory of a goldfish and can’t remember track 1 by track 3.


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