Ruins – ‘Place of No Pity’ 4/5

Australia continues to produce frosty blackened metal despite its climate, this time in the form of duo Ruins and album number four seems destined to finally push them into the spotlight. ‘Place of No Pity’ starts off as icy as any other BM record, however it is soon apparent that this is not your standard repetitive riffs and blastbeat combo, as instead, Ruins sound akin to recent Satyricon and excitement about a new “black’n’roll” album starts to grow. Psycroptic drummer Dave Haley brings a touch of technicality to the time structures, whilst Alex Pope’s audible lyrics refuse to follow the black metal trend of raw shrills. Every riff is as catchy as the bubonic plague, with groovy thrash elements one minute and deathly chugs the next. This modern touch is helped along further by a squeaky clean production without losing the Tasmanian devils’ bite. Closing with the speedy ‘Merciless’ is a perfect conclusion to this promising release as the perfect adjective to summarise such a promising release.


Reviewed by Lily Randall

To be published in Iron Fist #002


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