Sodom @ The Underworld, Camden 18/11/2012

Some people may be getting a slight déjà vu as they enter the same sold-out venue for the same legendary band as they did last year. Clearly after a twenty year drought of playing on British turf, German thrashers Sodom have missed us and the packed out venue known as The Underworld.

Reading’s Ancient Ascendant start off the proceedings with their angst-ridden death metal fuelled by anti-religion. Despite the venue not yet being filled, the four-piece flourish under the pressure of supporting at such an iconic evening, showcasing last year’s debut ‘The Grim Awakening with confidence and crushing choruses.

Gospel Of The Horns have always made their Sodom worship known, so playing here tonight makes complete sense. The Australians ooze with the raw and raging influences of the headliner’s older material, yet their black thrash definitely stands its ground as original. Tracks like ‘Absolute Power’ do what they say on the tin, with the now rammed venue full of pumping fists. ‘Powers of Darkness’ concludes the set which is over in a flash thanks to the speedy riffs throughout and the perfect warm up to what follows.

Celebrating their 30th anniversary, it’s obvious from the off that Sodom have perfected their live experience. The Teutonic thrash titans are explosive from the start with ‘In War and Pieces’ opening up the pits. Every song is received with insanity whether its ‘City of God’, ‘M16’ or older tracks like ‘Blasphemer’ and despite flailing bodies and more fans on the stage than band members, the trio aren’t phased. It’s often hard to believe that a three piece could create such a powerful sonic wall of speed, but the intimacy of The Underworld augments this further. Despite such a large discography, the band fit in their covers of ‘Surfin’ Bird’ and Motorhead’s ‘Iron Fist’, before ending with an emotional encore of ‘Remember The Fallen’ and ‘Bombenhagel’ and everyone leaves broken and bruised as the old school thrash feelings live on.

Lily Randall

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