Top 20 albums of 2012

It was a tough call but here is the my personal top 20

Top 20 for 2012

  1. Gojira – ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’
  2. Asphyx – ‘Deathhammer’
  3. Necrovation – ‘Necrovation’
  4. Ihsahn – ‘Eremita’
  5. Hooded Menace – ‘Effigies of Evil’
  6. Gorod – ‘A Perfect Absolution’
  7. Desaster – ‘The Arts of Destruction’
  8. Aeon – ‘Aeon’s Black’
  9. Black Breath – ‘Sentenced to Life’
  10. Winterfylleth – ‘The Threnody of Triumph’
  11. Anaal Nathrakh – ‘Vanitas’
  12. Enslaved – ‘RIITIIR’
  13. Aura Noir – ‘Out To Die’
  14. Goatwhore – ‘Blood for the Master’
  15. Dyscarnate – ‘And So It Came To Pass’
  16. Katatonia – ‘Dead End Kings’
  17. Aborted – ‘Global Flatline’
  18. Nominon – ‘The Cleansing’
  19. Sophicide – Perdition of the Sublime’
  20. Nachtvorst – ‘Silence’

Runners up (due to not listening enough or just not quite getting there): Derketa, Carach Angren, Impeity, Meshuggah, Necrosadistic Goat Torture, Grave, Sinister, Ruins.

Festival of the year – Hellfest 2012

Live show of the year – Devin Townsend’s Retinal Circus

Newcomer of the year – Sophicide – ‘Perdition of the Sublime’


One response to “Top 20 albums of 2012

  1. Ill definitely check out all the realeases on this lists ive not hear…but i cant get behind ya on the Gojira being number one. It just seemed so stale and predictable. Its good, no doubt, but not many repeat listens from me.

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