Attic – ‘The Invocation’ 2/5

With King Diamond being a huge part of the heavy metal monarchy, it’s understandable that bands are likely to worship his every breath and take influence from the classic sound, but how far is too far? The answer can be found in German heavy metallers Attic. Their debut album The Invocation sounds more like Mercyful Fate than the forefathers themselves and although it may seem flattering and flawless at first, it soon turns into a cringe worthy amount of unoriginality and repetition. If you’re looking for an aural time machine, Attic (who only formed two years ago) will transport you with the eighties fully embraced by every riff and vocalist Meister Cagliostro’s high-pitched shrills.

In an attempt to keep an otherwise aged sound in with the times, Attic cling on to occult themes akin to the likes of In Solitude or Ghost, with cliché song titles from start to finish, such as ‘Join the Coven’ or ‘Satan’s Bride’. Admittedly, there are breaks from the fanboy moments, such as organ-riddled instrumentals ‘The Hidden Grave’ and ‘In The Chapel’ and a closing acoustic track which may help you conclude with some other than term “copycat”.

Every vocal is pitch-perfect whilst the production is crisp with a vintage twist and the leads on certain tracks, particularly the title track, do help to give The Invocation some kudos. There is atmosphere amongst the catchy sections; however it just isn’t enough to keep them standing as their own band, especially when it feels as though certain tracks are dragged out for the hell of it. Whilst the start of the album gallops along at a speedy pace, the end of the album certainly seems to drop and it feels as though the band run out of ideas with simpler compositions on the likes of ‘Evil Inheritance’. If you are currently rocking back and forth due to the delay on any new Mercyful Fate material, then Attic’s debut is a recommended dose of devil worship to keep you sane.


Written for Ghost Cult Magazine #4


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