Doomsday – ‘Doomsday’ EP review

The concept of a super group can often cause a hype that is nowhere near deserved. A band full of death metal legends can create a standard yet strong release; however it is when a hybrid of extreme metal entities gets together that a real recipe for destruction can be created.  With this in mind, Doomsday’s self-titled debut EP is a real treat that consists of past and present members of Nachtmystium, Goatwhore, Gates of Slumber and Bones. Certain elements from these aforementioned projects are engulfed into this six-song onslaught, with the outcome being a nasty death metal album covered in crust and blackened at the edges.

The record may only have a short space of time to blow you away, but it succeeds by changing the tempo from ferocious blastbeats to punk-fuelled d-beats and rock’n’roll riffs, all whilst Zion Meagher (ex-Nachtmystium) growls and snarls consistently with ease. Doomsday race out of the stalls at such a speed that the album is over before you know it and it’s fair to say that the beginning of the record is much stronger than the latter. The “fuck you” punk attitude flows through the EP and is concluded with a solid cover of GG Allin’s ‘I Kill Everything I Fuck’, which seems apt for the atmosphere that surrounds it. Considering this release was recorded in about a week, so to fit around the member’s busy schedules, the musicianship is strong and the production is purposely raw adding to the in-your- face emblem stamped all over ‘Black Vessell’. Goatwhore’s drummer Zack Simmons keeps the racket a controllable one, and despite the heinous sound, you can tell this is organised chaos, with ‘Bring Down The Knife’ adding Pentagram’s Russ Strahan into the mix on guitar for an extra dose of great musicianship.

Bearing in mind that this is only a snippet of the capabilities of Doomsday, in such a small turnaround period, the future is encouraging and we can only hope that they find time around their other projects to create more musical mayhem soon.


Written for Ghost Cult Magazine #4



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