Introducing – Black Skies Burn

Unlike the country bumpkin style county they reside in, Oxfordshire’s Black Skies Burn are full of ferociousness and ready to darken your day. The five-piece’s fusion of death and grind has been described by locals as “a band that could destroy a tank” and quite rightly so, with a lively stage presence that has secured them support slots with the likes of Chimaira, Flayed Disciple and most recently, thrashers Evile.  “This show came at the end of an insanely sick run of shows, supporting General Surgery in Camden, Cemetery Rapist in Bristol and playing three shows with our buds from Bristol, Merciless Precision”, reminisces guitarist Chris Marks. “We were already buzzing prior to this show and personally I think this was the best we have performed so far, watching a circle pit during our set from the stage of Oxford’s O2 academy is still one of my favourite moments on this brutal journey, Evile were all sound lads as well. It was definitely a highlight in our career so far.”

Since starting in 2006, Black Skies Burn have been managed to “Cause unrelenting chaos with full intent” at an array of shows, thanks to their eclectic influences throughout their music from early Slayer and Sepultura, to the more brutal likes of Dying Fetus and Pig Destroyer. Since a change in line up this year the band seem stronger than ever with Chris joined by Gavin on guitar, Simon on vocals, Will on bass and Steve on drums. They’ve come a long way since their first gig at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston and Chris tries not to cringe when he looks back at the show. “It was exciting at the time and great to finally get out there but I’ve seen some rare footage recently and it’s not good, it’s very slow in comparison to nowadays but we all start somewhere. I’m sure the footage is online somewhere if anybody wants a laugh!”

Not to be confused with Wes Borland’s latest awful side project Black Lights Burn, Black Skies Burn have plenty to look forward to in the new year. “Funnily enough we’ve had this trouble [with names] in the past from a US band called Skies Burn Black who we had never heard of, who gave us some abuse back in the day and they’ve now split up without making a dent on their scene2, Chris explains. “With any luck Wes and his Black Lights Burn will follow suit. I can only hope his fans (if there are any) buy our stuff by mistake and get blown apart!”

With their debut album ‘To Punish and Enslave’ near completion and expected to start destroying in the next few months, the boys are keen to continue evolving. “We recorded at Silver Street Studios (Reading) with Umair Chaudhry, who is a chilled out musical wizard! We also got lucky with the artwork as our mate Phil Tolfree from Flayed Disciple has designed the cover and has done a sick job!” Looking into the future, does Chris expect the skies to continue burning?

“I hope we can continue blasting venues up and down the country the same as we are today, it’s already been an insane journey . It’s a dream to play a festival so hopefully we can fulfil that and to tour mainland Europe; if there are any promoters reading this from Amsterdam get in touch, haha! We just want to thank everybody that has supported us so far and everybody that has made it down to a show to give us abuse, it’s been awesome so far!”

By Lily Randall




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