Introducing – Darkcorpse

With the likes of Coffins and Abigail flying the Japanese flag in the underground scene, it was only a matter of time until more promising acts started to seep into the Western hemisphere.  Darkcorpse’s black metal angst fuelled by a DIY passion reminiscent of the punk era may have only started a couple of years ago, but the five-piece already have two demos under their sleeves. After playing in other bands and vocalist Kraahl setting up underground zine ‘Japan Metal Guide’, the band, now made up of Harbinger and Korvus (guitars), Marax  (bass) and drummer Skuld, were able to network around Yokohoma.

“Playing here has been an amazing experience. The sense of community within the scene is really strong and bands really look out for each other”, explains Skuld. “I suppose the only bad part is how expensive shows are here due to the prevailing pay-to-play system. Actually, this system has a seriously crippling effect on the bands, making it difficult for most bands to scrape together enough money for recording and touring.” Despite this, Darkcorpse’s independent approach has created two misanthropic records, with a third already in the pipeline. “As a band we tend not to mull over ideas too much, and as a result our writing process is typically rather quick. For us, the band is an outlet, a way to release and relieve various sources of stress and frustration, not least of which comes with living as an outsider in a foreign place. Although we have a strong black metal influence, we never want to subject ourselves to stupid, arbitrary rules and worry about genres. Darkcorpse is a cathartic expression of aggression and that’s reflected in the cold, dark tones of our music.”


 To be published in Iron Fist #3


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