Introducing – Seprevation

Last year saw a slight revival in the legendary sound of old school death metal and it would appear this genre is forever going to influence us. Bristol may not be Florida or Stockholm, but four piece Seprevation are grabbing people’s attention violently with a vintage death/thrash attack. Worshipping the brutality of Morbid Angel, the speed of Sadus and the classic heaviness of Maiden, Seprevation have put a freshly squeezed twist on the subgenre and live they have the same energy as the eighties. “Our music will either make you want to drink a beer and headbang or punch someone in the face”, explains bassist/vocalist Lluc.

Coming from different projects in the south west, the band is completed with Joss and Ian on guitar and Jamie on drums got the opportunity of a lifetime when they were asked to open the New Blood stage on the Sunday of Bloodstock Festival, despite only a year together. “The gig was badass, for 10:30am on a Sunday we couldn’t have asked for a better crowd.” Lluc recalls. “We actually had a circle pit and people seemed really into it. For our festival debut it was an insane experience for us all.” After a year together the Bristol boys have managed to plough through the local scene and have recently released their debut EP ‘Ritual Abuse’ but regardless of the chaos Joss still remembers their first gig clearly. “For me, it was one of my favourite gigs so far, because it was a fresh start from the bands I had done before and it was something which I felt confident in and really wanted to do.”

After recently supporting Onslaught in Portsmouth, it was more proof Seprevation practise what they preach with each song oozing with raw aggression and groovy speed. Supporting a band that had broken free from the Bristol scene and become big names is obviously aspiring for the band. “Sy Keeler is a beast of a vocalist so it was really cool to chat with him about his technique and see him perform. Of course playing with Bristol’s thrash legends was awesome for us too!”

With the new EP slowly creeping into the underground bloodstream, an equally gruesome mini tour awaits Seprevation with fellow extremists Craniation, as well as supporting Flayed Disciple and Arcrania. With a band still as fresh as this the future is bright and the band is looking towards bigger hopes. “Obviously five years is a long time but I’d like to think we would still be on the same path of destruction doing what we do best, creating and performing brutal death thrash for you crazy fuckers!! Hopefully a couple of albums in and a full world tour booked…. one day maybe!”

‘Ritual Abuse’ is out now available here or digital at

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