Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul all dayer, The Underworld, London 9/2/13

Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul – The Underworld, London

It’s fair to assume that a fair few of the fans here today are still fighting off a hangover from the night before with three metal gigs going on in London and with the bands starting mid-afternoon; it’s going to be a marathon of mayhem and beer under a cloud of a certain smoke.

Bristol favourites Seprevation have been a touring machine since winning a slot at Bloodstock last summer and it’s paid off, as the band’s death thrash fusion reeks with old school tendencies. The set is tight and the tracks of EP ‘Ritual Abuse’ sound as beefy live.

Irish thrash punks Visceral Attack are a breath of fresh air with a myriad of aggressive anthems accompanied with their whippersnapper energy. A track about beer gets grins spreading and heads banging.

Despite claiming to be “unable to have fun”, crust punks Bastardhammer are very amusing with their onstage banter and dirty riffs, whilst Cavity Search – London’s answer to Municipal Waste – continue the silliness with some crossover carnage.

By now the Underworld crowd is starting to swell as Living With Disfigurement spew out their nasty old school death metal. A mixture of former Gout members in the band and a sound spilling with gore, the local band receive a great reception,

Everyone starts to carefully choose their spot for Ghoul with the more sensible punters standing back from the stage to avoid any blood stains and pit explosions. The Creepsylvanian mob take a similar stage approach to Gwar, as bizarre characters come out between each song to soak the crowd in baby blood, a dead chicken and other fun frivolities. Their catchy thrash creates a flurry of pits and stage diving, which is interrupted by a troll who eventually joins them. ‘Transmission Zero’ seems to be the focus album of the night with favourites such as ‘Blood Feast’ and ‘Destructor’ leading the way ; however other classics including ‘Maniaxe’ and ‘Splatterthrash’ are also in full force to showcase punky riffs and deathly growls from the masked men and Ghoul confirm their love for humour and horror in style.

There is a genuine waft of weed as Cannabis Corpse finally take to the stage, as the stoners of London congregate under one roof to enjoy some satirical death metal. Despite featuring members from Gwar and Municipal Waste the parody trio stick to a more brutal sound without losing the fun of this evening’s line up with tracks such as ‘Blunted at Birth’ and ‘I Will Smoke You’ getting the most response from the red-eyed mob underneath them. A similar style to Cannibal Corpse is obviously expected, however thanks (we assume to) a large amount of marijuana, the band create a groovy version of the traditional noise and although only three of them gracing the stage, Land Phil and co create the beefiest riffs of the night.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

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