Svart Crown – ‘Profane’ [9]

Despite being a lesser known act compared to many that have been bred in France in the last decade, Svart Crown are by no means flagging when it comes to producing to a first-class metal record. Their previous two albums received rave reviews from those who could be bothered to embrace the blackened death they conjured up and this instalment certainly breaks the third album curse. In a similar vein to 2010’s ‘Witnessing The Fall’, the French four piece entwine death metal brutality with a blackened melody, as vocalist JB’s deep growls engross your aural passages alongside tremolo picking and chunky riffs. The tempos twist and turn a lot more than on their sophomore effort, creating a more organic and technical feel and the layers flow from one track to another with a pleasant unease.

‘Genesis Architect’ is a prime example of blastbeat-fuelled fury full of sinister undertones and ‘Profane’ continues to creep up on you with sudden break downs and slower, more evil-sounding entities. Svart Crown have stayed loyal to their proposed weapon of soul destruction and instead of experimenting with their style, have continued to evolve when room for improvement has been suggested. Hopefully 2013 will be the year that underrated Svart Crown burst into action, just like the pregnant woman on the front cover.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘Profane’ is out 22nd April on Listenable Records

You’ll like this if… you like your blackened death brewed to a dark and modern blend of tastiness.


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