Carcass live @ The Underworld 28/3/2013

When news spread that Carcass were to play three nights in a row at The Underworld for a measly six quid, pilgrims swarmed to Camden to nab tickets in a similar panic to a hipster awaiting a Glastonbury ticket. Tonight’s spectacle sees the daddies of death metal undertaking the venue on the last night and despite being absolutely knackered, they do not fail to impress.

The trio of gigs creates an ideal exhibition of British metal to keep an ear out for and tonight’s example is doom metallers Black Magician. Their keyboard-clad gloom, akin to Cathedral may not be the perfect wake up call for such a show, but their catchy swirls of melancholy cannot be faulted as the Liverpudlians embrace last year’s debut in a creepy folklore-fuelled fashion.

As expected, the venue is swelling by the time the lights dim to a bloody red and the legends explode with deathly energy from the opening riff, despite two days previous doing exactly the same. Opening with ‘Heartwork’ favourite ‘Buried Dreams’, the ferocious four piece take us through a historical voyage of Carcass’ evolution and despite frontman Jeff Walker playing his usual grumpy role, the band embrace every song like it’s their last. ‘Reek of Putrefaction’ and ‘Exhume to Consume’ still ooze with a filthy aural puss, the grind proving its influence on so many other nasty newbies. ‘Necroticism’ is predominantly featured in tonight’s set and despite only joining the band this year, guitarist Ben Ash and other recent patient Daniel Wilding on drums do a perfect job of blending in to the legendary mix with ease. Jeff jokes that they needed to bring these two youngsters in but there is no denying that himself and Bill Steer still own the stage twenty five years down the line, as they swoon us with the later ‘Swansong’-era melodies.

Despite talks of a new album, there are no tasters this evening and sticking to a ‘Choice Cut’ style set only leaves us chomping at the bit for more dirty death metal from the North. Roll on Damnation Fest!

Reviewed by Lily Randall

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